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Welcome to J&L Culture and Media Company. We are a reliable and innovative company with full of experience and consistent dedication to our customers.

    J&L Company mainly offers the services to the clients who want to invest in China,to develop market or establish factories in China, to sell or buy in China, OR to the clients who want to have a very specific business/market investigation in China.

Our Specialties:

  • Know pretty well the market in China


  • Free market research


  • Free market analysis


  • Contact the needed factories, investors, etc. for free


  • Arrange the business meetings for free


  • Teach Chinese(mandarin) for free


  • Relate Chinese culture and history for free


Furthermore, J&L Company Offers:

We offer Translation Services, which include Interpretation Services (Consecutive Interpretation, Sight Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation) and translations for documents, letters, manuals, websites, and so forth.

Our Aim: J&L Works and Let Clients Be in Control.

Why China& Why J&L:

Safer: Compare to the other countries with low cost of labour, low rent and low raw materials, China is much safer.

Bigger: The land and the population in China are much bigger. So the market is bigger.

J&L Company:

J&L Company knows where to find the cheapest factories, vendors, which might as cheap as the ones in the other countries.

A Presentation by Our President


Interpretation Services Interpretation Services

We offer high-quality services to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Translation Services

We offer translations for documents, letters, manuals, websites, and so forth by experienced and professional J&L Culture and Media Company translators.

Teaching Services

We offer a wide range of courses in several languages, such as English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian

Travelling in the World

These services belong to our Interpretation Services. Because we will show you a lot of beautiful pictures of the sights in the whole world, so we put these services on our homepage

Writing and Copywriting Services

We offer professional writing. We can produce your material effectively and attractively. We offer writing services and copywriting   services worldwide in English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian.

One-Stop Services

We offer one-stop services (which means you don’t need to do anything if you want) for the clients who want to enlarge business in China, for the clients who want to find buyers in China, for the clients who want to find vendors in China, for the clients who want to find partners in China.